Ok, so I bet there is a high chance your WordPress username set to ‘admin’? Do you have all spammy spiders blocked from crawling your WordPress site? Have you even thought about your WordPress security? We have! … and we’d highly recommend it.

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS on the planet right now. As it continues to explode, it’ll naturally attract more and more attention from the bad guys and automated bots, who are probing your website relentlessly to find any form of weakness. That is why you need to ensure you stay on top of your WordPress security.

We highly recommend Web Watchdog! Web Watchdog is a service dedicated to protecting and defending websites from malicious attacks. They backup, protect, maintain and monitor your website 24/7, all year round, so you can get peace of mind and concentrate on building your business.

Today’s web is fast moving and information is exchanged quickly, leaving any website vulnerable to attack if measures aren’t taken to protect it. These measures must be continuous, and the website must be monitored regularly. If not, the possibility of attack increases. Web Watchdog are there to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Just some of the services Web Watchdog cover:


They’ll keep your site secure. Prevent any unauthorised attempts to access the site and run regular malware and security checks. They’ll place a WAF (Web Application Firewall) in front of your WordPress install.


They’ll keep your site up-to-date. Every plugin, every file, every change. As soon as an update becomes available, they’ve got it covered.


Multiple backups of your website, at secure multiple (local & remote) locations. There will always be a secure copy available when things go wrong.


Web Watchdog will keep an eye on your site and check its status every five minutes (or every minute if required) right around the clock, it’s non-stop. If something’s not right, they’ll be right on it.

They’ll report to you regularly on your site’s status and the work they’ve carried out to keep everything up-to-date. You can relax and concentrate on your business, knowing they’re taking care of your site’s needs.

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