ceir responsive ecommerce website

1. eCommerce Design will become more mobile

2014 will be the year when online stores that haven’t already done so will start making the shift to responsive / mobile device friendly design. With smartphone and tablets usage rising every year, eCommerce stores have seen a rise in hits from these devices, some sites even reporting that 50% of their traffic is now coming from non-desktop and non-laptop devices. If you don’t convert your online store to responsive eCommerce design you’ll be left for dust in the years ahead.

2. Quality eCommerce Content will be King!

What is quality content? Well, more than a one line description of your product on your website for starters. But more than this giving products more images and embedding YouTube videos on your product pages will ensure that you are fully engaging you customers, especially those customers who’d rather look and see what you have to offer as opposed to reading a long keyword rich product description. This can take time and effort, but you’ll reap the rewards when your product URL gets a number 1 Google ranking – you can thank me later for this

3. Product Customisation

Product customisation options are something eCommerce developers have been integrating for years, but the trend is set to rise again in 2014. Example, you want buy the latest and greatest smartphone, but you don’t like the colour and you want your name in gold writing sprawled across the back – not a problem. These are the kinds of options you’ll have as more online retailers discover the up-side of putting the power in consumer’s hands.

4. Unlimited Page Scrolling

Have you ever become frustrated when you search for a product on your favourite retailers website, when the search results bring back 100’s if not 1000’s of product options and you have to click to page 10 of the results to find the product you are looking for?
Quick infinite scrolling removes the need for a website user to click through pages to find the product. Plus if it’s done right it should bring more curiosity to the user about products they hadn’t considered before. Omitting clicks increases user attention span and engagement. But infinite scrolling has to be done right.

5. Sticky Navigation Bar

This fit nicely with infinite scrolling, because you don’t want a user to have to scroll back up through a thousand or so products to get back to the stores main navigation bar. The navigation bar will just follow the user as he or she scrolls down through the products.

sticky navigation ecommerceExample of sticky navigation from the Braven website

6. Greater us of HD images

With high resolution screens on smartphones and tablets, now is the time for eCommerce websites websites to take advantage of this and to show off their products. How this is implemented is important, as there are still a lot of users out in the world with slow internet speeds – especially if they are using mobile 3g.