We’ve been developing websites since 1998, so we’ve tested our fair share of web hosting providers. We’ve tried all the “top” web Irish hosting companies  – Blacknight, LetsHost, Hosting365, Digiweb etc etc. Unfortunately (or fortunately however you look at it), we’ve had some major problems with all web hosting Ireland providers! Why? Because we believe that most of them are overselling their services or their support staff are stretched or not qualified to do the job. This has become very apparent with the recent problems with Digiweb’s hosting servers over the past 2 weeks (since 28th May 2013). Digiweb tried to migrate their hosting and it’s become apparent they didn’t do the ground work as it has put hundred’s of website’s in Ireland out of action for days

Recommendations for hosting in Ireland

So, what are our recommendations for Irish web hosting? Don’t host your website in Ireland! We use one of the best cloud hosting companies in the UK – www.tsohost.com (use webhosting10 coupon code on checkout to get 10% off) We’ve been with them for two years now, and so far we’ve never had any major issues. They are extremely fast to respond to support requests. They are very knowledgeable, to the point where on occasion their support staff will help you fix coding errors.

So there you have it, give your business to our neighbours across the water and you will be much happier you did.